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Psychological Evaluations

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Comprehensive testing is administered by Dr. Kristine Dunn. She is a Clinical Behavioral Psychologist and provides various psychological testing. Please note that Dr. Dunn does not perform any invasive testing including needles, x-rays, or other medical tests. Also, Dr. Dunn is not a medical doctor and does not prescribe medication.

If you are interested in Psychological Testing here are the steps:

1) Call our office and speak to our assistant Aubrie. She will gather your information and pass it onto Dr. Dunn.

2) Our assistant Aubrie will call you back to set up a time to meet with Dr. Dunn for the initial consultation. The initial consultation fee is $150 due the day of the appointment by cash, check or credit card. 

3) At the consultation, Dr. Dunn will determine what assessments are needed, length of time involved and give you a comprehensive cost. If you decide to move forward, you will then set up a future date to start testing and receive paperwork. 

4) Testing day appointment - You will bring in all signed paperwork and begin testing. Testing typically takes several hours, depending on the specific assessments needed. Our goal is to complete testing in 1 session but may take an additional appointment. 


5) After the testing is complete, Dr. Dunn will prepare a report with the results of the assessments, recommendations and will later review these results with you at a follow-up appointment. 


Services Offered: 


  • Adult psychological evaluations - Starting at $400.00 depending on the assessments needed.

  • Substance use evaluations for court/Secretary of State hearings -

starting at $400.00

  • Child psychological evaluations - Starting at $400.00, depending on the assessments needed. 


This includes actual consultation, all testing time, scoring, report writing, and follow-up session.

At this time we are NOT accepting insurance, although we are in the process and will in the future. Please check back.


Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dunn. 

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