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Helpful Resource Links

General Psychology/Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)                       

American Psychological Association                                

Depression Central                                                                

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance                       

Mental Health Awareness                                                   

Substance Abuse


Web of Addictions                                                                 

Drug Rehab                                                                             

Support Groups

Al-Anon                                                                                             800.344.2666

National Cancer Institute                                                             800.4.CANCER

CoDependents Anonymous                                             

Gamblers Anonymous                                                       

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                      

Narcotics Anonymous                                                       

Important Numbers

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                        800.273.8255

Missing and Exploited Children                                                800.843.5678

Runaways                                                                                       800.621.4000

Youth Homelessness                                                                   800.999.9999

Child Abuse Hotline                                                                     800.422.4453

Elder Abuse Hotline                                                                     866.800.1409

Drug Abuse Referrals                                                                  800.662.HELP



Helpful Websites and Articles 



ADD & ADHD Symptom Tests, Signs, Treatment and Support


Types of Anxiety


Understanding Anxiety


Rumination (Worry / Anxiety of past events)


Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

How to Overcome Agoraphobia: 5 Helpful Tips

Blended Families:


Teens Can Drive You Nuts—Especially When They're Not Yours!

Stepparenting an Adolescent: What to Expect

Hope for Other Mothers: Step-parenting Teens


What to Do When Your Stepkids Disrespect You

Children and Teen Mental Health: 

Education at the Child Mind Institute


8 Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem

Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence

COVID-19 Resources:

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Scaring Them


Coronavirus and Autism: What You Need to Know


10 Ways to Deal with Feelings of Isolation as a Home-based Employee



Warning Signs of Depression in a Family Member


10 Ways To Help A Depressed Teen


Teen Depression


Impacts of Social Media in Teens


​Athletes Overcoming Depression

Grief & Loss:

What Is Normal Grieving, and What Are the Stages of Grief?

Teen Grief


PTSD and Marriage: 5 Things Spouses Need to Know

Marriage and PTSD

Operation We Are Here

Senior Services:
Grants for Seniors

Social Media:


Social Media Addiction


How to Deal with Stress: 33 Tips That Work

Substance Abuse:

Sober Minded Sister


Opioid Information
Teen Drug Resource
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