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Negative Impact of Social Media Adult, Teen and Child


Social Media Addiction -

Hotline phone numbers and organizations for mental health and substance abuse:


COVID -19 Resources:

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus without Scaring Them


Coronavirus and Autism: What You Need to Know


10 Ways to Deal with Feelings of Isolation as a Home-based Employee



How to Deal with Stress: 33 Tips That Work


Types of Anxiety


Understanding Anxiety


Rumination (Worry / Anxiety of past events)


Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

How to Overcome Agoraphobia: 5 Helpful Tips


Warning Signs of Depression in a Family Member


10 Ways To Help A Depressed Teen


Teen Depression


Impacts of Social Media in Teens


​Athletes Overcoming Depression

Educational Information about Children and Teen Mental Health:

Blended Families:


Grief & Loss:

Teen Grief






Substance Abuse:

Sober Minded Sister


Opioid Information
Teen Drug Resource
Senior Services:
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