Our Services

Sometimes referred to as psychotherapy or talk therapy.  It is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained mental health clinician in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. It is our intention to empower you in your growth process to the degree that you are capable of facing life’s challenges in the future on your own.  Your personal development is our number one priority.  Our goal is to facilitate healing and growth, and we are very committed to helping you. We do not feel that we have all of the “answers” to client’s issues. Therefore, it is our goal to direct you in finding healthy solutions that work for you.

Children sometimes need help with problems affecting how they feel, act or learn.  In therapy, they can process whatever issues they are dealing with in a safe space, with a caring therapist.

The therapist will teach them appropriate skills they need to become successful. 

 Children learn and express emotions through play. At Balanced Life Counseling, we have a specially designed room just for children. It's called a "Play Room." Young children can't always put their thoughts into words, so during a play therapy session children are encouraged to express themselves through games, creative arts, role playing, and many other developmentally appropriate ways. Play therapy is a way for children to express and communicate their feeling through the act of playing. With the guidance of a trained therapist they will process, understand and learn new skills to help them be successful.  

Older kids and teens are experiencing higher stress and anxiety. They are faced with many life stressors, such as peers, sports, social media, family conflicts, emotions, and college planning to name a few. 

Therapy gives them a chance to talk through feelings and solve problems in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. It will help them believe in themselves,  find their strengths, and set realistic goals. Therapy builds helpful thinking patterns and better coping skills to handle life's challenges. 

Do you and your partner struggle to communicate, or connect? Relationship counseling can help with that. It can help you and your partner reconnect and teach you the skills to have a happier, healthier life together. 

Whether you and your significant other are struggling to make time for one another, finding it difficult to communicate effectively, or dealing with something a little heavier than the average stressors of modern relationships, relationship therapy can be an important key to relationship success.


Substance Abuse Counseling

Have substances caused harm to you and/or your loved ones? A core component of Substance Use Disorder is continuing to use despite the consequences. We can help you to achieve abstinence or harm reduction through appropriate treatment options and resources to improve your relationship with self and others.


Therapy in this area will provide you with education, motivation to change, increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills (to name a few). Also, experiences that predispose one to use will be uncovered. 


We use a compassionate approach to help you reach self-forgiveness and understanding of what you are going through in order to develop and strengthen the relapse prevention you have or need in order to maintain sobriety to function in your daily living as a productive and confidence person. 


Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live internet or phone connection. The same treatment is provided as in person, it's just done through a computer or phone! 

Teletherapy is an ideal option for people who find it difficult to access therapy in person due to personal commitments, lack of transportation or live in rural areas.  It is also an excellent option for slowing the spread of illness, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic or during the cold and flu season. 

If you live in the State of Michigan we would love to offer you this service.